REVIEW: The Yearbook by Carol Masciola

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Genres: Bullying, Depression & Mental Illness, Young Adult
The Yearbook
by Carol Masciola
Publisher: Merit Press
Release Date: October 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction, Time Travel, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
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Misfit teen Lola Lundy has every right to her anger and her misery. She’s failing in school, living in a group home, and social workers keep watching her like hawks, waiting for her to show signs of the horrible mental illness that cost Lola’s mother her life. Then, one night, she falls asleep in a storage room in her high school library, where she’s seen an old yearbook—from the days when the place was an upscale academy for young scholars instead of a dump. When Lola wakes, it’s to a scene that is nothing short of impossible.
Lola quickly determines that she’s gone back to the past—eighty years in the past, to be exact. The Fall Frolic dance is going full blast in the gym, and there she makes an instant connection with the brainy and provocative Peter Hemmings, class of ’24. His face is familiar, because she’s seen his senior portrait in the yearbook. By night’s end, Lola thinks she sees hope for her disastrous present: She’ll make a new future for herself in the past. But is it real? Or has the major mental illness in Lola’s family background finally claimed her? Has she slipped through a crack in time, or into a romantic hallucination she created in her own mind, wishing on the ragged pages of a yearbook from a more graceful time long ago? 

Carol Masciola got the idea for her novel The Yearbook (Merit Press, Nov. 2015), after inheriting a 1924 yearbook that had belonged to her grandmother. She is a former newspaper reporter and winner of the PEN/West Literary Award in journalism. Two of her screenplays, THE FIERY DEPTHS and THE UGLY STICK, are in development.
She is a graduate of Oberlin College.REVIEW

The yearbook got my heart right in the feels! Lola has not had an easy life to say the least. With a mother who was considered unfit, she has been shuffled through the foster care system for much of her life. She is  unpopular at school as well and in the beginning of this novel we find her trying to hide out from bullies in the library. The head librarian mistakes her for one of her new volunteers and sets her working on clearing out a stock room, where a bunch of old books got damaged when the sprinkler system came on randomly. While going through the items she comes upon a yearbook from the 1920’s and as she looks through it utterly fascinated she falls asleep. What happens next is amazing and awesome and to find out more you should get this book!

Like I said I really felt for the main character Lola. Life has been anything but easy for her and she does her best to make the best of it.  Regardless of how it happened and why I could relate  to that need to feel accepted and I think a lot of people could relate to what Lola goes through over the course of this book.

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